September 19, 2018 Meeting Agenda

Village of Fairmount
301 S. Main Street
Fairmount, Illinois

Regular Board Meeting
September 19, 2018
7:00 P.M.

Roll call

Approve minutes of August 15 2018 Regular meeting

Public comments

Action Items
• Approve Halloween Hours
• Approve purchase of glow sticks for Halloween
• Approve purchase of Fire Protection Week supplies
• Approve Surplus Property ordinance for old police car
• Approve Surplus Property Ordinance for excess Fire Department equipment
• Approve I Am Responding for Fire Department
• Executive Session
Review Fire Department Application
• Approve Fire Department Application

Board Correspondence

Action on bills and payroll

Accept Treasures report

Board Comments

Project review
Water System pressure control


Next regular meeting
October 17, 2018

The Village of Fairmount strives to ensure that its meetings are accessible to individuals with disabilities. If you are an individual with a disability and require assistance to observe or participate, please contact the Village of Fairmount, Village Clerks Office, at (217)733-2388 at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled meeting with your specific request.