January 2014 Meeting Minutes

State of Illinois
County of Vermilion
Village of Fairmount

The Fairmount Village Board met in open session this day of January 21, 2014 in the council chambers of the village hall. President David Ferber called the meeting to order at 7:00 P.M. Public present were Gary Wright, Brandon Brewer Meeting ended 8:38 P.M.
Roll Call: Todd Street A Ed Cheuvront Y Dustin High Y Diana Cooper Y Greg Woodard Y Emily Carey Y President, Dave Ferber Y Suzanne Woodard Y

Approved of minutes for December 17th. Ed motioned, Dustin 2nd,
Todd Street A Ed Cheuvront Y Dustin High Y Diana Cooper Y Greg Woodard Y Emily Carey Y Motion carried.
Public Comment: None
Board Correspondence: Dave explained that this would be a good place to review any mail or notices to the board, and also asked what kind of correspondence wanted to be made aware of, such as price notifications. The board said not necessary on price notifications, but on other items the clerk can present it to the board as she sees fit. Ed also mentioned that Mike McDaniel on N. State Rd has asked for a copy last year water report. Suzanne will look for a copy and if not located ask Lorin to get one for Ed.
Approved Bills and Payroll: Board had a few questions on a couple line items and determined it was the cost of rock used, Suzanne printed off last month’s report. Dave told Clerk to check with auditors to make sure that writing one check out of General for payroll and then transferring amount from water to General is okay to do. Dustin motioned, Greg 2nd,
Todd Street A Ed Cheuvront Y Dustin High Y Diana Cooper Y Greg Woodard Y Emily Carey Y Motion carried
Reviewed Treasurer Report: Questioned the price of rock spreader
Projects: Brandon Brewer was present to discuss the domain name and website and showed a mock up on paper, just wanted to give a general idea, the board decided to use the www.fairmountil.com for the domain and Suzanne also stated that a law regarding a website is that an email be used for the public to be able to contact any elected official. Dave asked Brandon to see if there is a way to have a multiple emails through the website. Brandon will look into that as well, and just wanted to touch base with the board.

Review Department Reports:
Police: the village received a $30.00 from county in relation to a nuisance ordinance violation. Discussed the law of having bullet proof vest for police, Gary has one already. Dave also instructed Clerk to start a journal when and if we start getting money for DUI and court supervision fines we may receive, since these funds that come in are to be set aside and used for special needs.
Fire: the stations completion status is down to a punch list, with trim pieces, and minor things. Curtains and blinds were discussed to help the noise in the meeting room. Dave is going to see if Karen will get those picked up.
Water: Dave reported that the furnace failed in the water plant and that they bought a new one and replaced it. They has bought a kerosene heater and Lorin also had to replace a chemical pump and furnace thermostat. Dustin asked about the water tower, Dave said he pushed that back to February meeting due to starting the budget.
Streets & Alleys: The new spreader needed repaired due to our our roads have a crown to them, it raised the bed when used. Hoping it doesn’t cost much to have that repaired. Ed brought up the business district need of snow removal, bank and steps. Ed said that when the plow goes through they push the snow back straight, and Dave said he will let them know about that. The town is not responsible for clearing steps in front of the businesses. Ed said the village hall steps should be cleared after they plow the streets. Dave agreed. Ed reported that he heard Corey and Casey was driving tractor on streets, Dave said he was with Corey and that Dave was in fact driving, but Suzanne said that Casey was driving the tractor when he was helping Colby with trash, Dave said he needs to know about it asap, so he can make sure it is stopped, and not to have it repeated, it is a liability. People with suspended or revoked license cannot drive on public roadways. People with no license can.
the back hoe had a split fuel line it is a 15 year old tractor with 2016 hours on it. Birkey’s was called and was scheduled to do a 1000 hour service that checks everything on it, fluids, filters, etc.
Board guidelines: tabled for next meeting
Review on Equipment list and replacement schedule: for all departments for next fiscal budget. Dave had a copy for everyone, and asked for everyone to look and be ready to discuss at next meeting. Dave said the board really needs to be thinking about the future and plan for expenses and start budgeting money for certain needs so we can plan accordingly. Each Chair person needs to look into what the needs are for each department.
Approved for the Village to host a child safety seat class:
Emily motioned, Diana 2nd,
Todd Street A Ed Cheuvront Y Dustin High Y Diana Cooper Y Greg Woodard Y Emily Carey Y Motion carried
Decided not to purchase a fire safe: do to that Suzanne said she hopes to have documents cleaned out and make room for the minutes and ordinances and plus hope to have them scanned into computer.
Information on Auditor rates: Greg spoke to a few companies, and was told without looking at a past audit, they cannot give a quote, and everyone agreed the board would like to stay with the present auditors but want to make sure prices are comparable.
Request for Crime stopper donation: the board declined to donate for this at this time.
Agenda Prep:
Engineer for water tower
Board guideline will wait until after budget
Surplus ordinance for old spreader
Budget goal to pass it in April.
Sending people to Fire expo
Mosquito abatement class- do we need to send Colby

Greg wanted to bring up the issue of reimbursing Ed for the gasoline, because we need to be careful on spending village money, why not just pay for a couple gallons, Dave said if we have a mileage record instead on the truck it is better for books, and more dependable to refer to and on the equipment
approximate on usage. Greg said he was just asking if that was the best way to handle it.
Adjourn Meeting:
Dustin Motioned Emily 2nd
Todd Street A Ed Cheuvront Y Dustin High Y Diana Cooper Y Greg Woodard Y Emily Carey Y Motion carried
Next Meeting February 18,2015 7:00PM