Vance Township Library


107 South Main Street
P.O. Box 230
Fairmount, IL 61841
Phone: 217-733-2164
Fax: 217-733-8025



In 1940, the Fairmount Woman’s Club held a meeting to decide whether or not the club wanted to sponsor a WPA Library (Work Projects Administration started by President Roosevelt). The idea of such a move had been suggested by Mrs. Elsie McKean, whose husband was Supt. of Fairmount High School. Mrs. Eunice Zierjack, an avid reader, was appointed to be chairman of the committee. The first library board consisted of Fairmount Woman’s Club members Eunice Zierjack, Elsie McKean, Marguerite Cast, Josephine Catlett, Frances Parrish, and Hazle Davison. Miss Mae Kilpatrick was the first librarian, paid by the W.P.A.

In 1941, the township and village owned a house east of the Town Hall. They let the library board use the southwest room of this house, which was also the home of the town’s policeman and his family. This room was formerly used as a telephone office. Books were furnished by the WPA or the state library, while other books were donated or purchased with monies earned from Tag Days or food sales.

The WPA library was opened on March 1, 1941, continuing until January 29, 1943 when all such projects ended due to World War II. From January until April 19, 1943 the room was open two afternoons a week as a War Information Center with the local chapter of the Woman’s Club meeting the necessary expenses. A referendum was passed in the April, 1943 election and it became the Vance Township Library.

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