January 2016 Meeting Minutes

State of Illinois

County of Vermilion

Village of Fairmount


The Fairmount Village Board met in open session this 20th day of January, 2016 in the council chambers of the village hall. President David Ferber called the meeting to order at 7:00p.m. Meeting ended at 8:44 p.m. Visitors: Gary Wright, Andy Keiser, Pat Gleason, Logan Cronk, Chuck Nesbitt and Rinda Maddox

President Dave Ferber made first an announcement that the special hearing scheduled at 7:00 p.m., would not be held due to not enough surveys collected and would be held at a later date once enough surveys are collected. He then called the meeting to order with Roll Call.

Roll Call: Susie Dodd-Casey _Y_ Ed Cheuvront _Y_ Dustin High _Y_ Diana Cooper _Y_ Greg Woodard _Y_ Emily Carey _Y President David Ferber _Y_, Clerk Suzanne Woodard _Y_,

Approve minutes of December 16, 2015 regular meeting: Ed motioned, Emily 2nd Susie Dodd-Casey _Y_ Ed Cheuvront _Y_ Dustin High _Y_ Diana Cooper _Y_ Greg Woodard _Y_ Emily Carey _Y Motion carried

Public Comments: Chuck Nesbitt, Vermilion County board member, reported that the county is looking into funds to hire 10 more Sherriff deputies in ten years. There are 4000 warrants for people in Vermilion County and would like to have one deputy be a warrant officer. This is a long process due to funds but Nesbitt wanted to make the board aware that more deputies are being looked into, which means more police coverage for our community. Answering Greg’s question about the Fairmount to Sidell Road repair, he speculates due to state funding it will take another year to get it fixed. Nesbitt also spoke of the Fairmount Event Committee and stated that he is willing to help in any way to make event more profitable in the community, and offered the antique car club he is a member and to do a car show. Nesbitt also introduced Logan Cronk who is the Rural Community Development Coordinator for Vermilion Advantage.

Logan Cronk addressed the board and explained what his job is and how he would like to help our community with infrastructure. He offered his services to help and passed out a sheet on grants that may be available to our community for a various reasons and projects. He gave examples on how Vermilion County Advantage has helped other communities with events in their communities and also bringing jobs in the county to name a few items.

Pat Gleason introduced himself, he is the CDAP grant writer who has been working with Shelley Darnell and Suzanne regarding completing the grant and getting it ready to send to see if it meets emergency grant criteria. He explained while he works with us on a grant he can also help in other areas as well grants with rural development. Dave asked if accepting the bid jeopardized in getting a grant, Andy Keiser and Pat didn’t think it would and that it was okay since no money is actually be spent at this time. Shelley sent a letter asking for help in going door to door on Saturday Jan.23 to collect income surveys for the grant. Only 37 % had been turned in. Shelley said she would need approximately 100 more surveys. Anyone interested in helping was instructed to call Shelley.

Accept bid for water tower repair: Engineer, Andy Keiser, from Fehr Graham discussed what the repairs details were. He also went over the bids that were received for the water tower repair. Low bid was $249,000 form Hanfland painting Contractors, LLC of Sigel, IL. There were four bids in total (on File). Andy said that Hanfland is a popular company with a good reputation. Andy explained that part of reason this was an expensive project was because the location of the tower is in a tight space and that it will have to have full containment. Meaning there will be out ringers, a bonnet on top and skirts to

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contain the waste when sand blasting. The external paint on the tower is lead based paint. They will use a chemical named Blastox that will tie the lead up and make it a special waste and not a hazardous waste. Then it will be properly disposed of.

The Interior will get sandblasted as well and they will have a hydromantic tank so the water pressure will remain the same as if it was in the tower.

Andy said the paints being used today are expensive but should get at least an 18 year life. Then an over wash or over coat can be done at a later time. He then explained why the tower is in the shape it is in. That when the tower was originally built it wasn’t sandblasted. The dark color we are seeing is the steel pickling. Back in the day when they rolled steel and made plates. There is enough paint on there now it suffers thermal shock and contracts. There is so much weight that the pickling can’t hold it anymore, it is common but not to this degree and with the lead paint flaking it needs to be fixed. A new tank would be extremely expensive. The tank will be a gun metal gray when sand blasted and have a texture to hold the paint and should be fine for many many years. Ed asked about warranty. Andy said it is a standard one year, but if there is a problem this company will come and fix it, this is a family business for 40 years and has a good reputation, it is all he does. A lot of communities’ use this company because they are trust worthy. Suzanne asked how they will paint inside and Andy explained the process. Andy said his company’s role is to inspect before primer is put on, and after coating is applied to check for thickness on exterior and interior. Best time to do this is in fall when there aren’t strong winds or storms etc. They will also talk to the Methodist church as far as equipment being in their yard, and Terry Morman regarding his roof getting dirty during process and make sure it is taken care of. Andy said someone needed to make a motion to award to low bidder and authorize Dave to sign notice of award and then they will get the performance bond, payment bond, a full contract in place and then when contractor is ready to start working a notice of proceed will be signed and then a contract book will be given to all three, village, contractor and engineer. Dave asked how much more he should budget for any extra expense that may come up, Andy suggested $4000.-5000. but no more than $10,000 would cover enough. Dave said he will start looking into funds and what kind of increase the water rates would be. Pat said it is a 75/25 % grant. If the grant is $200,000. The village would have to come up with $50,000. Ed made motion to proceed with everything Andy had said that was necessary, Greg 2nd Susie Dodd-Casey _Y_ Ed Cheuvront _Y_ Dustin High _Y_ Diana Cooper _Y_ Greg Woodard _Y_ Emily Carey _Y      Motion carried

Approve Fair Housing Ordinance: Ed motioned, Diana 2nd Susie Dodd-Casey _Y_ Ed Cheuvront _Y_ Dustin High _Y_ Diana Cooper _Y_ Greg Woodard _Y_ Emily Carey _Y      Motion carried


Approve grant application: Could not do at this time due to lack of surveys collected.

Approve EMT class for firefighter: Fired Department would like to send firefighter Shaelynn Trisler to EMT Class. This would be an asset to the department. Class and books are $590.00 Ed motioned, Dustin 2nd Susie Dodd-Casey _Y_ Ed Cheuvront _Y_ Dustin High _Y_ Diana Cooper _Y_ Greg Woodard _Y_ Emily Carey _Y Motion carried


Accept lockers purchased by firefighters to take ownership. Fire fighters are purchasing these with their 2% money. Ed motioned, Dustin 2nd Susie Dodd-Casey _Y_ Ed Cheuvront _Y_ Dustin High _Y_ Diana Cooper _Y_ Greg Woodard _Y_ Emily Carey _Y    Motion carried


Approve Surplus Equipment Ordinance for the old lockers: Ed motioned Dustin 2nd Susie Dodd-Casey _Y_ Ed Cheuvront _Y_ Dustin High _Y_ Diana Cooper _Y_ Greg Woodard _Y_ Emily Carey _Y Motion carried


Approve Deputy Village Clerk: Tabled for future meeting. Suzanne will do research what the village did in the past regarding deputy clerk, including wages and job description. This is being discussed incase Suzanne has an out of town emergency, or is out of town for vacation during a payroll period.

Approve depository for Village Funds: Currently the depository for Village funds is Illinois National Bank and Illinois First. In February Illinois First money will go into investment only. However, what has changed is that Illinois First money will roll into US funds money and that will be exactly what Illinois First was, it stays in there and earns interest and we can write a check if we need funds. Dave doesn’t feel there is any action to be taken at this time regarding US Funds.

Approve donation to Teen Serve: Steve from Faith Church, who is coordinator for the Teen Serve Project coming to Fairmount, requested for $1000. Ed questioned this and said that the auditors had questioned one time when the board had made a donation to a person. Greg said this would be for the good of the community. Susie said Homer board had their lawyer at their meeting and he said it was ok to do. Ed questioned that where the money is going, with paint being donated and kids have to pay $400 to participate. Ed said that would be $185,000. Dave said it isn’t uncommon to ask for an economic statement. Susie explained that there is a lot that goes into a week of this, but it would be best to talk to Steve. Susie will ask Steve to call Dave. Greg was going to make a motion but Dave said that before a motion is made he would like the motion to include that we commit to a donation but wait to see it is actually going too happened before writing the check. This will be tabled until next meeting if Steve has gotten the information the board needs to approve.

Board Correspondence: Dave read a letter from Rinda Maddox of The Sidell Reporter requesting that the paper be notified of any regular, special call or emergency meetings held by the Fairmount Village board. The request is in compliance with the Illinois Open Meetings Act. 5ILCS 120/2.02 (b). Rinda gave her contact information in the letter.

Approve bills and payroll: Suzanne questioned on receipts from Big R that tools were purchased to replace stolen items at the Fire Station. She wanted to make sure a police report was made and that the tools are being locked up. No report had been made to Gary, Dave said he would get with Gary, it wasn’t going to be turned into insurance as it wouldn’t meet the deductible. Apparently other items have been taken as well. A grinder was also purchased to replace a grinder for Ronnie Gaffney that was broke during a project. Greg asked what $6 was for Redi mix, it was PVC pipe. Diana asked why we paid Aqua Illinois $100. It is a monthly bill for water testing, Brenntag is water chemicals. Dustin made motion, Emily 2nd, Susie Dodd-Casey _Y_ Ed Cheuvront _Y_ Dustin High _Y_ Diana Cooper _Y_ Greg Woodard _Y_ Emily Carey _Y      Motion carried


Review Treasures report: Suzanne pointed out a correction on page 7.


Review department reports:


Water: Water tower control board will need serviced or replace, water tower over flows. Dave also passed out a copy of the letter he wrote in response to the IEPA deficiency found in November, 2015. (On File)

Police: Diana asked if police car was running okay, Gary said yes. Report is on file. Gary said starting January first he will have to fill out paperwork for certain times he questions people. He also has to come up with a policy for the bullet proof vest law, and has to have it in writing.

Animal Control: Animal regulation letter explaining the bill. Gary said the department is having to reimburse other villages for over charges. Suzanne is to pull the contract and look at it in depth. Still need an animal control officer. Two people asked about Animal control officer position to Suzanne.

Board Comments:

Susie said that Brett McMahon had fallen down the road from his home but the McMahons were concerned because of all the ice accumulated in the road area in front of their house. They really appreciated that Colby took the tractor and broke up all the ice and put sand down. Susie also said a Thank You card was in the mail, but she thanked the board for the planter for when her brother passed recently.

Dave said he will be looking into what kind of increase will be on the water bills. There will be some meetings on this with hope the public will attend. Also Dave made the board aware of the paragraph at the end of the agenda if a person who cannot take the steps to attend the meeting we will move the meeting to the Fire station.

Ed Cheuvront said the people who pump the water on Oak Street needs to do something else, it was a sheet of ice and there isn’t a tile down there for them to drain the extra water into.

Review projects

Water Tower repair-had already discussed.


Adjourn: Greg motion, Emily 2nd Susie Dodd-Casey _Y_ Ed Cheuvront _Y_ Dustin High _Y_ Diana Cooper _Y_ Greg Woodard _Y_ Emily Carey _Y    Motion carried