May 15, 2019 Meeting Minutes

State of Illinois

County of Vermilion

Village of Fairmount

The Fairmount Village Board met in open session this 15th day of May, 2019

In the council chambers of the village hall.  President David Ferber called the meeting to order at   7:00    p.m.     Meeting ended at   8:00 p.m. Visitors: Deb Vecellio, Karen Ferber, Doug and Cindy Decker, and Chief Gary Wright.

Swearing in of newly elected Trustees

            Diana Cooper

            Dan Albers

            Emily Carey was Absent

Roll Call: Kathy Myers P, Ed Cheuvront P, Diana Cooper P, Dan Albers P, Emily Carey Absent, President Dave Ferber P, Clerk Suzanne Woodard P.

Approved minutes of April 17, 2019 Regular meeting: Kathy Motioned, Ed 2nd

Kathy Myers Y, Ed Cheuvront Y, Diana Cooper Y, Dan Albers Y, Emily Carey Absent.

  • Public comments: None
  • Budget Hearing for 2019-2020 Budget was held, no changes or questions.

Action Items:

Approved a $500 donation to the Fairmount Ball Association: Ed made motion, Dan 2ndKathy Y, Ed Y, Diana Y, Dan Y, Emily Absent

Discussed the plan for improvements to drainage at State Street and State Road: Eddie, Colby, and Dave shot elevations at that location.  They found the area from Carol Shahan’s to the culvert under State Street runs downhill so water will flow from north to south, the direction they need it to flow.  They also found a 6-inch pipe under the drive south of the Shahan property that is blocked on the north end.  Before they go to the expense of removing that pipe and installing a new 12-inch pipe Ferber recommended that they clean the 6-inch pipe to see if that will allow the water to flow.  They may also have to remove some dirt from the ditch at the property line.  They also need to open the culvert on the north side of State Street and leave it open to allow for better water movement.  They may have to build a catch basin there to collect the water.  They will not know until they get it opened up. 

As for the request for the 400 block of W. State Street, they found the area between the sidewalk and the road falls from west to east, letting the water flow towards the culvert at State Street and State Road.  There are culverts under several drives that appear to be blocked.  The ditch is very shallow and no water has been standing in the ditch in the past month.  They could clean the culverts under these drives, but at this time it does not seem necessary.  The water that stands in the yard at 409 W. State Street, Tammy Dixon property, is caused by the yard being lower than the public sidewalk located in front of her property, thus causing the water to stand in her yard instead of flowing towards the street.

Approved Fire Department dues of $100 to I & I Firefighter Association: Ed made motion, Dan 2nd Kathy Y, Ed Y, Diana Y, Dan Y, Emily Absent.

Approved 2019-2020 Annual Appropriations Ordinance, number 2019-2020-01

Ed made motion, Diana 2nd Kathy Y, Ed Y, Diana Y, Dan Y, Emily Absent.

Approved plan for alley repair: Most of our alleys are in dire need of repair.  Colby has repaired three blocks of alleys so we could get an estimate of how much it will cost to repair the remaining alleys.  Some alleys require a skim coating of rock and other alleys require removing some dirt to allow for a thicker coating of rock.  There are 25 remaining blocks of alleys.  Our estimate is 10 tons of rock per block of alley, meaning we will need 250 tons of rock.  Some alleys are not as bad as others, so it is possible we will use less than that.  He also estimates about 80 man-hours to complete the project.  Dave recommend we move forward with the alley repair. About $5000. will be the cost of the project. Ed made motion, Kathy 2nd, Kathy Y, Ed Y, Diana Y, Dan Y, Emily Absent.

Approved Brush pick-up Policy: Ed made motion, Kathy 2ndKathy Y, Ed Y, Diana Y, Dan Y, Emily Absent.

Board Correspondence: Kathy said Ann Stevens wanted the board to know Colby helped her with backhoe to clean curbs on her street, it was much appreciated. Gary mentioned he has sent letters to ordinance violators concerning tall grass etc.  Dave reported that the surveyor has the plat maps for surveying Bowman Street.

Approved the bills and payroll: Ed made motion, Dan 2nd Kathy Y, Ed Y, Diana Y, Dan Y, Emily Absent.

Approved the Treasures report: Dan made motion, Diana 2ndKathy Y, Ed Y, Diana Y, Dan Y, Emily Absent.

Ed Made motion Diana 2nd to go into Executive Session for the purpose to discuss letters of Interest for vacant Trustee position from Cindy Decker and Jeremy Barker. Kathy Y, Ed Y, Diana Y, Dan Y, Emily Absent.

Dan made motion to leave executive session, Diana 2nd Kathy Y, Ed Y, Diana Y, Dan Y, Emily Absent.

Approved appointment of Cindy Decker to vacant Trustee position. Ed made motion, Kathy 2nd Kathy Y, Ed Y, Diana Y, Dan Y, Emily Absent.

Swearing in of newly appointed Trustee Cindy Decker

Board Comments: Dave explained to Cindy some things about the board and village business.

  • Update on process to clean up property and dilapidated buildings: Emily was absent to report the process.
  • Ed suggested the need of an additional lawn mower, he stated it takes 9 hours for Colby to mow. The present mower is in working order he just thought it would be good to have an extra one and saw a used lawnmower with attachments for $6000.  Just a broom attachment would be $2000-3000. Dave said we should think about this and the cost.
  • Gary wanted to know if board wanted him to site little trailers, boat trailers that have license but are expired. Board said if it is not on the village property it is okay. He also wanted to know about demo cars that are not street legal. The board said as long as it is not on the village property. However, the board suggested that demo cars used for hobbies to be put in garages as they are not license vehicles.
  • Project review

Water System pressure control: Ed updated that Tom Baird will not be available to do the project. We will need to find someone else.

Adjourned meeting: Dan made motion, Diana 2ndKathy Y, Ed Y, Diana Y, Dan Y, Emily Absent.

Next regular meeting

June 19, 2019

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